Aneeda Mota

Aneeda Mota is a mom to 3 beautiful boys. Two of my youngest sons have shown immense bravery and tenacity on their journey living with Autism. Now, as young adults, our family is no stranger to the co-occurring challenges that come alongside living on the ASD Spectrum such as OCD, ADHD, epilepsy, non-verbal communication, and Intellectual Disability. We have also navigated different mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, catatonia, and dysphoria.

I have been actively involved in my community for several years encouraging other parents and caregivers that it’s never too late to learn about the unique challenges families are facing living with diversity. It is imperative that children see their caregivers build connections and relationships within the communities they live, recreate, work and raise families. When families embrace help, they will decrease the chance of isolation, and will become the best advocates for their loved ones.