Riondel R3-SET 2024

August 23,24,25. East Shore of Kootenay Lake.

  • Live Band- Saturday afternoon- THE BATS. Classic Rock. 1-4 PM. The Community is invited.
  • Yoga on the beach.
  • Massages for those that would like. (booking required: email
  • Belly Dancing session / workshop for all.
  • Movies each night under the Pavilion.
  • Laughter Yoga.
  • Sound healing therapy session.
  • Bonfires on the Beach.
  • Fireworks ( potentially- fire ban sensitive)
  • Pancake Breakfast.
  • Fire Baked pizza- Roka from Crawford Bay. 
  • Saturday afternoon during music- Food truck . Home Made spring rolls. They are DELICIOUS. PLUS Jamaican lunch.

There are NO power sites here- so generators if you need them.10 sites have been reserved (several double sites for multiple tents). Contact me to reserve. (we are almost full). Can’t stay overnight? Come for the Day !!

This event is all about RE SET after COVID

Dads Matter

Sunday evenings 630pm PST

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  • Dads Sharing
  • Dads Supporting
  • Dads Inspiring Dads

Ben and the Dads Matter group has been a blessing to me. Ben provided me with much needed practical information and encouragement during a very stressful time. And having the support of other dads who have had their own challenges and successes made a big difference as well.

Dads Matter has been so impactful to me in that it shows me I am not alone. Friends and even sometimes family have no idea of the struggle it is to raise a child with a diverse ability making the road isolating and lonely. This group is empowering to be a part of because it shows me that I am not alone in raising my child.

Housing That Fits

Thursday evenings 630pm PST

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  • Find out more about inclusive and supportive housing in your community

Having been a participant in the inclusive housing zoom calls for a long time, the information, resources and the family connections made are invaluable. The sessions offer a range of possibilities from many different presenters from across BC, Canada and even the US.  The facilitator is committed to helping families explore solutions to housing for those with diverse abilities.  The sessions are always kind and respectful and positive.

Families on Tuesday

Tuesday evenings 630pm PST

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  • Families supporting families
  • Support
  • Listening
  • Sharing
  • Connecting

I look forward to the “Families on Tuesday” hangouts to connect with other families going through similar struggles and lived experiences.  It is a safe space to share stories and ask for help.  Ben does a great job at making people feel safe and respected. It is a good place to go to for compassion, ideas or resources.”